Port of Call Singapore

This port city is what the future will look like (hopefully). A world-class city that is modern, clean, safe and easy to get around in. We never stop being amazed by this place and we cannot say too much about the people, who are friendly, courteous and seem to live life with a dedication that is all to rare in today’s world.

If you are taking a cruise out of Singapore give yourself a treat and allow at least a couple of days to explore this city.

Where You’re Docked – Ships will dock at a number of cruise ship piers from behind Brani Island over to Marina Bay East. The good news is that the central city is focused around the waterfront and the cruise ship piers. There is also easy access to the MRT (the rapid transit system) only a short walk away from most piers. Most piers have good, well marked sidewalks out of the port.


MRT Station

The MRT – Singapore has a remarkable rapid transit system called the MRT. The first thing you realize is that English is one of the cities official languages so most signage is in English. The MRT system has four lines and reading and understanding the system map is easy. The MRT also offers a Tourist Pass which can save while using the system (CLICK HERE for additional information). There are a number of key locations that are spelled out on the map as stations like the Botanical Gardens, China Town, Gardens By The Bay, Tiong Bahru Market as well as Changi International Airport.

Gardens by the Bay

Taxis – Taxis are plentiful and reasonably priced. A taxi ride between the Marina Bay Pier and the airport should be under US$20.


Currently the Singapore dollar is equivalent to US$0.75 and it is recommended that you convert some currency as Euros and US Dollars are not generally accepted.


Gardens – Singapore has a number of great gardens starting with Singapore Botanic Gardens which is a tremendous place to spend a few hours. Nearby is the National Orchid Garden and don’t miss the Gardens by the Bay which are very near the cruise docks.

Hindu Temples – The development of Singapore under the British used laborers from India and they built a number of Hindu Temples. Most are beautifully decorated with sculptors and bright paintings and you could easily spend a day just visiting these temples.

China Town and Little India – Singapore is a very ethnically diverse city and the Chinese and Indian populations are an integral part of city life. Both have interesting enclaves where you can find unique shopping opportunities along with good restaurants worth a few hours of your time.

Singapore China Town

Modern Singapore – This is a fast growing and vibrant city, which has become a shopping Mecca and probably has the greatest number of world famous restaurateurs than any place else on the globe. Be sure and visit The Marina Bay Towers, which includes a shopping mall, a casino and a hotel, and a trip to the roof gardens is a must.

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