Fashion For The Traveler

The Importance of Selecting the Right Travel Clothes

This is a great age for travelers with our incredible selection of clothes engineered for performance and comfort. We have a travel collection of clothes made with these wonder fabrics. T’s and polos that keep us cool and wash out easy, along with long sleeve undershirts for colder weather. Nylon jackets and light weight weight slacks travel well with little care required.

Light Weight, Quick Dry Travel Clothes

One of the best ways of reducing your travel weight is to carry less and lighter weight clothes. Todays new wonder fabrics and blends make the job of packing for a trip easier than ever. Warmer, cooler, moister wicking, fast drying clothes for traveling are available from a number of sources. Perfect for layering, they rinse out in a sink and are dry and ready to wear again in an hour or two. Featured here are two of our favorite brands, 32° and Uniqlo AIRism.

Uniqlo features a huge collection of fashion clothes at reasonable prices

Japanese company that has opened stores all around the world, Uniqlo features a whole range of fashions using the new miracle fabrics. Their AIRism is promoted as a smart, breathable base layer that releases heat and moisture and adapts to any weather condition.

Even their heavier weight polo shirts will rinse out and dry quickly.

Please Note: While we are fans of Uniqlo and travel with their clothes we don’t receive any commission or fees from the company.

Women’s Quick Dry, Hiking Pants – Lightweight Drawstring Athletic Pants, Water Resistant

Great travel pants that include two zipper pockets for extra security. 88% nylon/12% spandex, breathable, quick dry, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and relaxed all day.

32° is a great performer in hot or cold

This is our first choice in travel wear shirts. They resist wrinkling, wick out moisture on hot days and rinse and dry in an hour or so. I have a collection of polo shirts and T’s and my wife has a spectrum of colorful T-tops. For cold weather we carry their long sleeve T’s as undershirts for extra protection.

I frequently wear their T’s with a sport jacket and slacks in the evening.

A pickpocket proof mens polo shirt

Sometimes if you are going to be out and about in a strange environment some extra caution is advisable. Here’s a polo shirt with two zippered pockets for phones, passport and money.

If you’re an avid traveler this is a must have item in your wardrobe just in case.

Lightweight Mens Cargo pants that convert to shorts

Mens Pants with comfort fit side elastic waist, freedom of movement, water repellent that still breathe freely with a belt. hook & loop pock closures for security of your belongings

Convertible Pants: Zip-off pant legs make for an easy change from pants to shorts, suitable for travel in hot and cold locations.

Shoes Matter A Lot

Light weight for packing, good foot support and breathable are important features for the serious travelers choice in foot gear.

Light Weight Running Shoes

Click image to shop Feetmat running shoe
Click image to shop Whitin running shoe

Feetmat Women’s Running Shoes – ultra light weight and very breathable. They also have some very nice water shoes.

Whitin Mens Running Shoes – An ultra light weight and rugged running shoe.

Laundry & Dealing With Wrinkles on the Road

Laundry soap packets, inflatable hangers and wrinkle release are part of our regular travel items. Unpacking and spraying away wrinkles and rinsing items out in a sink is all part of serious travel. Again we have settled on a number of must carry products.

A Collection of Some of Our Favorite Travel Accessories All Available Online

Our Easy Travel Wrinkle System

Click the image to link to this item on

Our system involves carrying a 2 or 3 oz spray bottle containing just a very small amount of ingredients. Once we are settling in and hanging up clothes we fill that spray bottle up with water and shake vigorously and mist those clothes wrinkles. Here’s the secret formula.

To a 2 or 3 Ounce Bottle add the following ingredients

  • 1 Teaspoon rubbing alcohol
  • 1/4 Teaspoon uncolored fabric softener
  • Shake

When needed, fill the bottle with water and shake well and mist those wrinkles away.

The Easier and Free Alternative

The truth is that a gentle mist of just water will relax most cloth enough to drop out those wrinkle. So if you don’t want to bother mixing up a batch of wrinkle remover, just carry that empty bottle and just fill with water. Less hassle and it works almost as well.

Freshen Up Your Clothes While You Travel

These items don’t just save money but time too. We travel over a quarter of the year with an average trip being around thirty days. Over the years we’ve developed a system that involves easy to rinse out cloths, travel detergent and accessories to hang up items and prevent wrinkles.

Our Favorite Inflatable Travel Hangers

These rugged hangers pack flat and inflate providing a broad shape to prevent those puckers that flat hangers can produce on shoulders of blouses, shirts and T’s.

Click the image for a direct link to

Wash Out Clothes On The Road

Handy packets of mild laundry detergent to rinse out clothes in a sink. There are a number of choices but these are easy to carry and meet our requirements.

Click the image for a direct link to

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