A Savannah Evening and the Chart House

An afternoon on East Bay Street

Just this past week we spent a night in Savannah on our way home from our two week mountain trip. Savannah, Georgia is near the top of our list of favorite American cities and heading south on interstate 95 we just couldn’t pass up a night in this fabulous place. Our hotel was only a couple of blocks from the river and one of our favorite Chart House restaurants. Happy hour wine, prime rib sliders and mini crab cakes with a stroll around old Savannah were the perfect antidote to a five hundred mile drive.

gophers 😉

River Street is an interesting experience with large ships moving along the river, a dozen or more good restaurants spaced out with T-shirt shops, gift shops and another favorite indulgence – Savannah confection shops – turtles, gophers pralines and …

Chart House Savannah
mini crab cakes 😉

For a very long while we have had a fondness for Chart House restaurants. They have a simple business model – great food in great locations and often the views with your dinner are worth the price of the meal. These upscale restaurants come with the expected price tag ($$$$) but for the money they have never disappointed us. Often we are in the habit of stopping by for happy hour or a late night dessert in the bar rather than a full dinner.

We have spent a large number of evenings in sitting in the open-air bar sipping a drink and. We have visited Chart House restaurants all over the map from Christiansted in the Virgin Islands, Alexandria, Virginia, Vail, Colorado to Ft. Lauderdale and we cannot ever remember ever being disappointed.

Savannah at night
Mud pie ;-). 😉

Years ago we spent a lot of time in the Caribbean and there was a great Chart House in Christiansted, St. Croix right on the harbor boardwalk. Finishing an evening there with Jamaican Coffee and Mud Pie was a tradition with us as we watched the sailboats bob at anchor in the harbor. Today the Chart House still serves that Mud Pie, so our night in Savannah ended with Mud Pie.

Around Savannah
Around Savannah
Around Savannah

Besides the Chart House Restaurant in St. Croix there was one in Frenchtown, St. Thomas and Old San Juan but they all closed in 1999 – I think the hurricanes were too much for the chain. The staff and landlord tried to continue operating the one in Frenchtown under the name Harborside but on our last trip to St. Thomas it to was gone.

Around Savannah

We’ve also been to Chart House restaurants in Vale, Colorado, Scottsdale, Arizona, Ft. Lauderdale and Alexandria, Virginia and have never been disappointed. In the Spring of 2002 the chains 39 restaurants were acquired by the Landry’s Inc. hospitality organization and as far as we can tell they’ve been smart enough to have left them much the same.

Around Savannah

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