Civitavecchia, Rome’s Port

Civitavecchia is a seaside city and the port serving the city of Rome. The city is serviced by frequent train service from Rome along with service to other Italian destinations. The Cruise port is only a short five or six block walk along the waterfront on Via Aurelia from the train station. Once inside the port gate there are free shuttles to the cruise ships. How the shuttles run seems to change often. At times the port runs shuttles to and from the train station.

The main entry to the port is marked on the map with a red 1 but the more likely location to catch the shuttle is marked with a red 2.

Where the Ships Dock – Civitavecchia is both a cruise ship embarkation port as well as a popular port of call and for that reason it can have a large number of ships in port from time to time. On one day we counted seven cruise ships tied up. Because of the size of the port it usually requires a shuttle to get out of the port.

Taxis are available but are famous for overcharging with the short ride from the port to the train station quoted as high as €10 or €15.

Taking a taxi into Rome or to the airport can be an expensive trip with fares running from €150 to €300.

If you are catching a cruise from Rome and are flying in, the cruise ships sponsor shuttle buses from the airport that average $65 per person. If you are on a budget there is frequent train service that can get you to Civitavecchia for as little as $7. Catching the Leonardo Express requires you to go into the central Rome Station and transfer to a local train. You can also catch a commuter local train (FM1) and switch trains at Trastvere station for Civitavecchia. If it is rush hour and you have large suitcases commuter trains can be awkward as the Italians don’t take kindly with bags taking up seats.

The Port Bus Stop
Civitavecchia Pedestrian Mall

Visiting Civitavecchia – Civitavecchia is a nice city with a number of good hotels and restaurants within walking distance of the port. The main business district is right next to the port and there are a number of shops in the area as well as a pedestrian mall. On most days there is also an outdoor market only five or six blocks from the port entrance that features food and hard goods sold from stalls.

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