Mississippi Highways In The Spring

A Short Story

Mississippi Odyssey

Driving across Mississippi this week I realized that one of the most amazing attractions of the trip was the sides of the highways. In places, the roadsides were literally carpeted in swaths of bright orange-yellow flowers mixed in with deep purple along with patches of bright reds, whites and pale blues. These wild flower displays went on mile after mile.

Doing some research it seems that seeding roadsides with wild flower seeds by highway departments is common and Mississippi is a particular stand out. Because the roads are regularly mowed it actually provides a better environment than even open wild fields for flowers to grow.

Some of the popular flowers in Mississippi include Lance-leaf Coreopsis known for its beauty and commonly planted along roadsides in Mississippi it boasts bright butter yellow flowers. Black-Eyed Susans are another of Mississippi’s familiar yellow flowers and a favorite of butterflies. Cardinal Flower or Scarlet Lobelia is the showiest of the North American Lobelia species with its bright red blossoms. A bright blue flower known as Bachelor’s Button, Bluebottle, Cornflower, or Garden Cornflower is another species common along Mississippi highways.

In Spring and Summer it is possible to see almost a hundred different wild flower species along the highways of America’s Southeast.

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