Pub Hopping & More in Dublin

The Temple Bar Pub

Temple Bar in Dublin is famous. Many people mistakenly think it actually as a bar and while there is a Temple Bar Pub the whole area is actually Temple Bar. The origin of the name is in the seventeenth century with a famous Dubliner, Sir William Temple who was the provost of Trinity College. Sir Temple owned property along the bank of the river Liffey. In the river in front of his land was a sand bar and around that time a breakwater was built down at the mouth of the river. That resulted in the sand bar growing and as it built up it became part of the real estate of the city. Locals began to refer to this land as the “Temple Bar” and the districts name survives today.

Live music at the Temple Bar Pub

The Temple Bar neighborhood today is an area famous for its nightlife with dozens of pubs and bars. In 1840 an establishment opened named Temple Bar Pub and today it is still a popular and iconic institution. It features good food, libations and live music. Every new visitor to Dublin should put a stop at the Temple Bar Pub on their list of destinations. From early in the day to late at night it is full of energy, serves good, moderately priced fare and features authentic live Irish music. If you need a T-shirt to memorialize your trip you must buy a Temple Bar Pub tee, nothing says Dublin better.

Dining room at The Bank

Dublin has a reputation for good food and we lean strongly toward pub fare. Corned beef sandwiches, fish n’ chips, Oysters & Guinness, Irish stew to name a notable few.

Anywhere you walk in this marvelous city you probably won’t be very far from a good Irish pub.

The Bank Bar and Restaurant opened in 2003 and located on College Green next door to H&M in the heart of Dublin. The name comes from the building originally being a bank and it still has its original character with lots of brass railings, tiles, and an ornate ceiling. It offers primarily a pub menu and features a live piano player to add to the atmosphere. The food deserves high marks.

The Grand Central Cafe

Murrays Pub located on O’Connell Street just north of the Spire. This pub has a good reputation for food and features live music and Irish dancers in the evening. It has a welcoming, comfortable feeling and they make a good Irish Coffee which is just the thing on a wet afternoon.

Grand Central Café Bar is also on O’Connell Street just south of the Spire. Located in a historic building that was shelled during “The Rising”, it offers a large collection of local beers and cocktails and an extensive menu of dishes, prepared in front of you in an open plan kitchen. It features music and dancing in the evening. Good food and attentive service at reasonable prices.

Dining room at The Bank

Dublin has a reputation for good food and we lean strongly toward pub fare. Corned beef sandwiches, fish n’ chips, Oysters & Guinness, Irish stew to name a few. During our recent visit we took advantage of a few and were pleased with them all.

Directly across the street from the Ha’penny Bridge on the south side is The Merchant’s Arch Bar which features live music and good bar snacks. Plan on a happy hour visit and join in on a few Irish songs and a pint of Guinness. The atmosphere is lively and the staff is friendly and efficient.

The Merchant’s Arch Bar

For dessert and coffee look up The Wooden Whisk at 94 Talbot Street just a few blocks east of the Spire on O’Connell Street. It has a small deli and coffee shop vibe but if you’re looking for pastries and coffee around the city this is a real find with prices that are more than fair.

A Word On Starbucks. Traveling the world in recent years there is an American establishment that has become as ubiquitous as McDonalds – Starbucks! From Australia to Thailand to Dublin you will probably walk past several Starbucks in a day. While we prefer local we now carry our Starbucks card with us when we travel, often because we know we can access free wifi. You can pay with funds on our card at any Starbucks in a number of countries so check the website before you travel. For medical reason I need to avoid caffeine and in much of the world that’s difficult to do in coffee but there are two reliable outlets fo decaf – Starbucks and McDonalds. In Dublin I needed a decaf and to reload a Google map on my cell and were surprised at the transaction. First it was instant. Second the receipt spelled out the transaction in Euros as well as the US dollars used and the exchange rate was exactly what the mornings quote showed. Lastly it also showed the balance on the card in Euros as well as dollars. Two big thumbs up for Starbucks.

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