A Great Hungarian Restaurant In Budapest

Klauzál Café & Restaurant – Klauzál u. 23, 1072 Budapest, Hungary

Spending time with friends in Budapest recently our plan was to try Hungarian food as much as possible. Our hotels were located in Lipótváros and Inner City districts, both near St. Stevens Cathedral. Most of the popular restaurants in the area were located on the large pedestrian malls or near Erzsébet tér and the Budapest Ferris Wheel. Getting tired of long waits and higher prices on Saturday evening we went exploring for neighborhood local restaurants and found reviews on Klauzál Café. After making reservations online we headed out for Klauzál U and the Klauzál Café & Restaurant.

It turned out to be a simple, old-fashioned neighborhood restaurant preparing traditional homestyle Hungarian dishes. The staff was friendly and accommodating and they provided menus in English with great descriptions. The food was excellent with really large portions and with wine the check was much less than the previous nights meal. Out on the sidewalk there were a number of tables and in the main dining room, where we ate, a pianist added to the evenings experience.

We all agreed that this jewel was more than worth that few extra block walk.

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