Old Spanish Sugar Mill, A Florida Tradition

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, A Griddle House Restaurant

Located ten miles north of DeLand Florida and only twenty five miles west of Daytona Beach is a Florida park named De Leon Springs and inside the park is a truly unique restaurant.

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill must be doing something right since they have been open for almost sixty years. Originally the location was a private resort at one of Florida’s amazing fresh water springs and when the state added it to its parks the restaurant remained open on the property. While it sells a menu of sandwiches and snacks to visitors at the springs, its real claim to fame is breakfast. If your family includes children this is a must if you are visiting the area.

The main attraction is pancakes, griddle cakes or flap jacks, if you prefer. Each table has a griddle built in and when you order pancakes you get two pitchers of pancake batter, a spatula, butter, syrup, honey and molasses. The batters include are made with stone-ground flours and include unbleached flour and five grains. If you order eggs they come in the shell with a bowl to help scramble or just slide them on the griddle. The basic plan is you cook your own eggs and pancakes and you guaranteed to have fun if you are seven to seventy.

To visit the The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill House you need to pay the park admission but that’s actually a bonus. After breakfast spend some time around the springs, walk the nature trails or take a boat excursion. All-in-all a great family outing.

De Leon Springs State Park

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