Akaroa, New Zealand, A Port of Call

The cruise port of Akaroa, New Zealand is a popular resort area for New Zealanders being less than fifty miles from Christ Church. The area is also seeing more frequent visits by cruise ships from the growing popularity of cruising around Australia and New Zealand.

The port of call Akaroa, New Zealand is located on the southeast side of sheltered Akaroa Harbor, centered on the cute resort township of Akaroa. It is on the east coast of New Zealand’s south island. The current population is only about 650 permanent residents with a significant increase in season.

Historically its heritage is unique as it was the only French settlement in New Zealand. The region was named for the botanist Joseph Banks, who sailed with Captain Cook on the Endeavour expedition.

Geologically area was originally an island formed by two ancient volcanoes. The current peninsula has two ancient craters with spectacular volcanic cliffs that formed Lyttelton and Akaroa Harbors. 

Where Your Ship Docks

Cruise ships need to anchor out and use tenders to reach the Akaroa dock. The dock is the focus of a number of boat tours and water attractions and is located right in the town near restaurants and shops.


Akaroa is a small town but currently it does boast a taxi or two. Danny’s Taxi Telephone 02108177828 Danny Fenner operator (Pre-bookings preferred bookings (cash only). There are also a few Uber drivers that can be scheduled with the Uber App. Uber rates are better than the cab fare and are noted to be easier to book.


New Zealand uses the NZ$ which currently is worth US$0.70 and you will need to exchange money or use credit cards while visiting as US Dollars are not usually accepted. Most credit cards are welcome and there are ATM’s available in town.


Explore the village with its colonial architecture, galleries, craft stores, and cafés. Akaroa, is famous for its several beautiful bays and harbors and there are numerous scenic boat tours available as well as dolphin watching. The protected waters are also perfect for sea kayaking. In Flea bay, a couple of miles southeast of town, there is a penguin colony that is rare for this region. Akaroa bay is also home to the worlds rarest and smallest dolphin, the Hector’s dolphins. Excursions are available where you can take a boat out to swim with them. A short walk out of town is Meniscus Wines, a vineyard and winery which usually is open when cruise ships are in. Also don’t miss The Giants House, a unique sculpture and mosaic garden above town.

4 thoughts on “Akaroa, New Zealand, A Port of Call

      1. Checking with schedules on Ship Finder and with Royal Caribbean and they still show port calls in Akaroa, New Zealand using tenders. Lyttelton Port Terminal seems to be the nearest docking location?


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