“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.”

Susan Sontag
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We’re a retired American couple that traveled the world for years with our business. In retirement we can’t seem to shake that wanderlust and are now free to travel wherever we want.

We’ve also become avid cruise enthusiasts, we love hiking and have now visited over eighty countries, hundreds of cities and have cruised all the worlds oceans.

We’ve always been frugal and believe the less we spend the more places we can visit. So you’ll find lots of ideas to help you travel for less along with a story or two from the road.

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We’re avid cruisers and with over fifty cruises, on all the world’s oceans, we’ve gained some experience along the way. We’ve added a whole section on Cruise Life as a part of The Intentional Traveler. There’s information on saving money on booking, ideas on selecting a stateroom, taking advantage of loyalty programs, cruise itineraries and what you can expect when visiting over one hundred cruise ports of call.

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