Athen’s Port of Piraeus, Greece

General –  Piraeus is the seaport serving the city of Athens. This city is a major metropolis in its own right and the commercial area southeast of the port and near the sea has a number of excellent restaurants and attractions. While most passengers visiting this port for the first time will head out toward Athens and the Acropolis, if you have visited before consider spending some time discovering this remarkable port area.

Where Your Ship Docks

Most cruise ships will dock along the northwest side of the port. There is a good walking sidewalk around the port and if you walk north and than continue around the port off to the east you will reach the central district in less than half a mile.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Disembarking – This port has several cruise ship piers so the access varies by the docking area. There is one cruise terminal with very good ship access but for other piers the ease of disembarking varies by the individual ships gangway designs. For passengers using wheelchairs there can be a moderate ramp incline to deal with.

Port City Characteristics – This port has an average wheelchair infrastructure typical of large cities. The port area has moderate inclines in sidewalks. Intersection crosswalks may have curbs or other wheelchair obstacles.


There are a number of ways to go from Piraeus to Athens. If you want to head out on your own the best bet is the metro with a station located at the head of the harbor. You can also take a bus or taxi and rental cars are also available.

The metro can be used to travel from Piraeus to central Athens. A trip to Athens using the metro costs <€1. Also a free bus usually operates in the port taking passengers from the ships to the metro station.

The metro station is about one mile away from the cruise terminal, or a 15-20 minute walk around the harbor. After that, you have a 20-minute ride on the metro to Athens. If the shuttle isn’t running you can take bus (number 843) from the cruise port to the metro station. The ride should take no more than 5 mins. The cost of the ticket is 1€.

To get from Piraeus to the Acropolis by metro, take the metro from Piraeus to Thissio (15 mins). At the metro station follow the pedestrian avenue towards the Acropolis. The walk is another 10 minutes to reach the Acropolis.

Traveling from Piraeus to Athens on a bus will cost roughly €0.80. Due to the usual heavy traffic, you should avoid the bus if you don’t have a lot of time.

Taxis offer more flexibility. To get to Athens one would spend about €15. This will get one to the centre of the city. If you plan to travel to the airport, the price can be about €40.

Money – Greece uses the Euro and US Dollars are not readily accepted.

Nearby Attractions:

Acropolis -First and foremost there is ancient Athens and the Acropolis and if you haven’t visited before this is not o be missed.

In Piraeus if you have free time be sure and visit the Greek Nautical Museum and the Piraeus Archeology Museum both within a reasonable walking distance of the cruise piers.

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