Adelaide’s Cleland Wildlife Refuge

Anyone visiting Australia is sure to have kangaroos and koalas high on their must-see list. If you are on a short schedule, a day or two in the Outback is probably not in the cards. Australia has some great zoos like Taronga Zoo Sydney and The Melbourne Zoo but to get up close and personnel you should go to a wildlife park. A half hour drive above Adelaide, Australia is Cleland Wildlife Park. It has been a major tourist favorite in South Australia since 1967. 

Australia also has a number of other good choices like Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane City, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania.

If you are visiting Adelaide as a cruise port of call or maybe you’re just touring around Australia, put a few hours at Cleland on your itinerary. The parks statement of purpose says it best; “Cleland plays an important role in creating a sustainable environment that can be enjoyed by everyone both now and into the future by helping visitors connect with animals in their natural environment. It provides an immersive nature experience, with a limited number of enclosures and the chance to get closer to some of Australia’s most iconic animals, helping visitors learn more about the importance of conservation”.

We spent a great afternoon at the park feeding kangaroos (you’re supposed to run if they roll back on their tails), interacting with emus and koalas and visiting the parks interesting exhibits. The park also offers a great snack and gift shop and if you visit afterwards make a stop for spectacular panoramic views of Adelaide and surrounds at the Mount Lofty Summit overlook.

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