More Stories From The Road

Memories, odd moments and interesting discoveries. Click the banners below to read.

changing the guard in copenhagen
Rush hour traffic in Copenhagen and The Changing Of The Guard

A Rainy Day Adventure In Blarney

In A Cemetery In Halifax
Once Upon A Time In Rome
A Day at Icy Straight Point
Bastille Day in Paris
While on a Bus in Brunei
worlds smallest drawbridge
An afternoon looking for the worlds smallest drawbridge
racing through the louvre
Three teens loose in Paris in 1965 and a famous columnist
A lost opportunity in Key West

A day of protests in Valencia Spain

There everywhere and I would guess the padlock makers love it…
The famous Gibraltar apes have gotten lazy
jerusale, a church and a ladder
For decades a left behind ladder sits at a window in Jerusalem
hogsback route 12 utah
Probably the scariest road I’ve ever driven Rt. 12 Utah
October 23rd 1956 and a Hungarian holiday

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