Drawn To Falling Water Part 1

There is something about the sights and sounds of falling water in nature that seems to attract us. It isn’t unusual for us to have hiked for miles and even taken long air trips just to experience a particular waterfall. Maybe it is a combination of the pure power of falling water combined with a feeling of its endurance and consistency that draws us to the spectacle. Here we take this opportunity to offer a few of our favorites.

GULLFOSS FALLS Haukadalur, Iceland. One of the more unique waterfalls we have ever seen in the world. This wild and wide waterfall tumbles on the Hvítá River in two tiers making a 90 degree turn half way down.

Part of the Golden Circle of Iceland’s attractions in the Southwest, it pretty much sat on everyone’s travel itineraries.

YOSEMITE FALLS Yosemite National Park. This waterfall doesn’t flow year round but it drops a spectacular 2,425 feet, making it one of the tallest in the world.

YELLOWSTONE FALLS. Located in the national park on the Yellowstone river, it plunges first over Upper Yellowstone Falls and then a quarter mile downstream over Lower Yellowstone Falls into the 1,000 ft. deep Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

NIAGARA FALLS Ontario, Canada / Buffalo, New York, USA. Easily the most famous waterfall in North America, this powerful waterfall also ranks as the biggest one by volume with a whopping average flow of about 7,000 cubic meters per second! In addition to its raw power, you’ll have no problem visiting the falls given its easy access and no trouble viewing it from all sorts of angles.

IGUAZÚ FALLS (IGUASSU FALLS) Puerto Iguazú, Argentina / Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. With its rim spanning a distance of an incredible one and a quarter miles and its average flow of 1000 cubic meters per second, this falls tops our list of the 10 best waterfalls in the world. The falls actually consists of some 275 individual waterfalls and cascades.

In Georgia it’s AMICALOLA FALLS, one of the more spectacular waterfalls in the state with an easy walk to reach a good vantage point. Also TALULAH FALLS in Tallulah Gorge State Park features ix different falls cascade into the gorge.

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