Cruise Port Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos or Mikonos

The Greek islands attract people from all over the world and the most popular of these pieces of paradise is Mykonos. It features an exciting nightlife and a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts visitors of all ages who come for a number of reasons. The island is famous for partying, relaxation, picturesque villages and magnificent beaches featuring golden sands and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.The weather is usually great, the sky and sea compete to see which is the more spectacular turquoise and everywhere you look are sun bleached white stucco buildings. Spend time strolling thru narrow streets and alleys as you shop for art, local crafts and souvenirs. Cafes and restaurants are everywhere with seating that spreads out onto patios and porches each offering incredible views.

While visiting keep an eye out for the Pelican of Mykonos. Named Petros (Peter) he’s part of the traditions and culture of the island. This mascot of Mykonos strolls leisurely through the city’s many streets and alleyways.

Currently Petros the Pelican is a second generation mascot. He and his predecessor have made Mykonos their home since 1954. The original Petros passed away in 1985 and the current Petros quickly took his place. Both of these Pelicans have have their way into the hearts of the people of Mykonos as well as the many visitors to this enchanted island.

Where Your Ship Docks

Mykonos has a new cruise ship docking pier about a mile and a half from Mykonos City. Shuttle bus service is usually provided and there are good sidewalks around the waterfront but they can be steep in places.


The island has a good bus system with routes that connect most towns with the many popular beaches. The Mykonos bus fleet includes 26 buses, some of which are provided especially for the island”s tourist visitors. The fare is between €1 and €3, depending on the distance traveled, and you can buy tickets directly from the driver or at the booths at the terminals. Taxis are also readily available.


The local currency is the Euro (€) and ATM’s are conveniently located.


Mostly the island is popular for the beaches with dozens to pick from. A couple of the most popular include:

Paradise beach and Super Paradise beach are 4 miles from Mykonos Town, they are sand beaches very popular with young people that come to play all day and late into the night. It also features diving and watersports and plenty of bars and clubs which flow out onto the beach. Paradise beach has a party vibe with good swimming in beautiful water. It’s also nudist friendly. You can reach the beach by taxi, boat or bus.

Ornos beach is well equipped with loungers and umbrellas along with many cafes and restaurants. There is good for windsurfing, diving and water skiing. It’s less than 2 miles from Mykonos Town, so it’s easy to get to by bus or boat. It’s located in a lovely bay with great views. Although it can get crowded, it is more relaxed than other beaches, so it’s an enjoyable place to spend the day.

The Mykonos windmills are the iconic feature of this island. The windmills can be seen from many points around the village of Mykonos, the island’s principal village and are the first thing you see when coming into the harbor as they stand on a hill overlooking the village.

The Aegean Maritime Museum – a non-profit institution founded in 1985. It’s dedicated to collect, study and promote Greek maritime history and tradition. It features a particular focus on the evolution and activities of the merchant ship, mainly in this historic region of the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Maritime Museum is housed in a traditional 19th century Myconian building, which is located at the centre of the Town of Mykonos.

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos – a museum with collections that include exhibits dating from the Prehistoric to the Hellenistic period. The museum has six rooms that include models and tomb artifacts of Rinia. Also featured are earthenware, Cycladic stoneware and ceramics dated from ninth and eighth century BC. The most popular display is the internment reliefs of the fall of Troy.


Specialties include olive products like soaps and oils, spices along with local arts and crafts. Keep a look out for good buys in souvenir shops, high label designer clothes and shoes, art galleries and fine jewelry in the Greek design tradition.

Mykonos Greece – where your ship docks, getting around, attractions to see, beaches to visit, currency and shopping. Part of the Cruise Ports of Call guides from Intend2Travel.

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