Todays Poster • Belize City

Belize sits on the east coast of Central America behind the worlds second largest coral reef. The official language is English and its institutions and language reflect its history as a British colony. Founded on a system of basic democracy formally called the Public Meeting with a set of regulations referred to as Burnaby’s Code formalized in 1765. Historically it was a major part of the Maya civilization between 1500 BC to 1200 BC. The Maya left behind numerous sites, including Cahal Pech, Caracol, Lamanai, Lubaantun, Altun Ha, and Xunantunich. If you visit try and get out into the rain forest and visit a Mayan site.

These giclée prints are available in several sizes, custom printed for each individual order on archival, museum grade paper using fade resistant inks.

Join us as we visit historic treasures, natural wonders and vibrant cities set against backdrops that are endlessly changing and visually magnificent. Celebrate a world of travel experiences with these decorating accessories that are perfect for framing.

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