Hiking Yellowstone Near Old Faithful

One of the most visited areas in Yellowstone National Park surrounds The Old Faithful Lodge. There are a number of restaurants in the lodge and surrounding facilities and the largest parking areas inside the park. There are a number of trails suitable for short or extended hikes into the backcountry that begin in the OldContinue reading “Hiking Yellowstone Near Old Faithful”

Avoiding The Crowds In Yellowstone

When we visited Yellowstone last summer we had a couple of advantages. First we came on a land tour that included nights at the Old faithful Lodge, which is a difficult reservation to get on your own. We were also in the company of an experienced guide that knew where to go and more importantly,Continue reading “Avoiding The Crowds In Yellowstone”

Yellowstone, An American Treasure

We spent a couple of years trying to plan a trip to Yellowstone. One of our primary goals was to spend some time at The Old Faithful Lodge. It turned out that getting reservations there is a very difficult thing to do. It is almost impossible to book directly with the lodge, because as soonContinue reading “Yellowstone, An American Treasure”