Blue Ridge Hiking At Peaks of Otter

One of the first tourist centers in the Blue Ridge Parkway was The Peaks of Otter dating back to the mid nineteenth century. Today it includes camping, a hotel, restaurant and Visitors Center with a number of interesting trails to hike. One, the Johnson Farm Trail takes you past a restored mid-1800s farm. The JohnsonContinue reading “Blue Ridge Hiking At Peaks of Otter”

Asheville Heart of the North Carolina Mountains

Tucked away in the western North Carolina mountains is a city of remarkable blended cultures. Its roots are firmly planted in the Appalachian soil tilled by early Scots-Irish settlers. Clogging and bluegrass are still at home here in its lively music scene but so is jazz and rock n roll. This mountain city is anContinue reading “Asheville Heart of the North Carolina Mountains”