Todays Featured Poster • Yellowstone Geysers

Yellowstone National Park’s iconic attraction is Old Faithful with The Old Faithful Lodge only steps away. The area is called the lower geyser basin and true to its name it provides one of the planets largest collections of active geysers. Within walking distance of the lodge is well over a dozen large geysers with incrediblyContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Yellowstone Geysers”

Iceland Belongs On Every Bucket List

Be prepared for cold*. Be prepared for rain, sleet, snow and wind. Be prepared to be blown away (figuratively). Be prepared to be awed. Before we visited Iceland we were told several times that this place has a beautiful Summer but unfortunately nobody can be sure when that week will be. During our late MayContinue reading “Iceland Belongs On Every Bucket List”

Hiking Yellowstone Near Old Faithful

One of the most visited areas in Yellowstone National Park surrounds The Old Faithful Lodge. There are a number of restaurants in the lodge and surrounding facilities and the largest parking areas inside the park. There are a number of trails suitable for short or extended hikes into the backcountry that begin in the OldContinue reading “Hiking Yellowstone Near Old Faithful”