Reviews From Our Peru/Ecuador Trip

Hotels, Restaurants And More General Information Hotels, food and transportation are all inexpensive by American standards. Hotels are easily half to two-thirds the cost of similarly rated U.S. properties. Also expect to pay half in restaurants compared to the U.S. Fast food and coffee shops are the exception – mostly they’re on par with U.S.Continue reading “Reviews From Our Peru/Ecuador Trip”

San Cristobal Sunset

Located on the equator some 625 miles west of Ecuador sits the Galapagos islands. Another day nears an end on San Cristobal the capital of the archipelago and the most populated island.  It’s only the fifth largest and is the easternmost island. San Cristobal island is what remains of three connected extinct volcanoes that originallyContinue reading “San Cristobal Sunset”

Packaged Tours – Our Introduction

At the urging of friends we joined them on a package tour to South America. With the exception of a bus tour featuring Yellowstone this was our first packaged travel tour. It was a 17 day tour with Exoticca from our U.S. airport that include Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu in Peru, Quito, SanContinue reading “Packaged Tours – Our Introduction”

In Search Of The Blue Footed Booby

If most people were to guess which is the most iconic animal in the Galapagos it would probably be the Galapagos tortoise or maybe the marine iguana. If the gift shops in San Cristobal are any indication it would appear the overwhelming winner is actually the blue footed booby. Maybe it’s the name – theContinue reading “In Search Of The Blue Footed Booby”