Reviews From Our Peru/Ecuador Trip

Hotels, Restaurants And More

General Information

Hotels, food and transportation are all inexpensive by American standards. Hotels are easily half to two-thirds the cost of similarly rated U.S. properties. Also expect to pay half in restaurants compared to the U.S. Fast food and coffee shops are the exception – mostly they’re on par with U.S. prices. It is not uncommon for hotel rooms to not have heating or air but almost every hotel will supply stand alone heaters upon request (tip: if it is cold outside make your request at check-in as they do run out). Everywhere we went we were cautioned to not drink the water but every hotel provided distilled water dispensers or free bottled water (tip: be sure and carry a refillable bottle with you on the trip). If you’re generally averse to taking taxis because of cost you’ll need to make an adjustment in your thinking. Taxis are, on average, half American prices and tipping is not expected but rounding up is common. You can also book with the Uber app in most cities in Peru and Ecuador. In restaurants tipping is commonly added to the check – if at all and again rounding up is common.

Lima Peru

Ibis Larco Miraflores Hotel – Avenida Larco 1140, Lima, Peru

This hotel is rated at 3.5 stars and is considered in the moderate price category. It is part of the Accor Hotels family and allows you to accumulate Accor reward points if you are a member (see HERE). The staff was very helpful, the rooms were comfortable and clean and the location was very convenient. The rate included a light buffet breakfast in the lobby restaurant.

Popular points of interest near the hotel include the Malecón clifftop and the upscale Larcomar shopping within 5 or 6 blocks. There are also a number of very good restaurants nearby.

Sacred Valley, Peru

Ava Spot Hotel in the Sacred Valley – Sector Rumichaca, km. 75 de carretera Cusco, Urubamba 08660, Peru

This is an upscale hotel rated at 4 stars. It features a pool, bar and small restaurant. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the staff very friendly and helpful. The room rate included a light buffet breakfast in the restaurant. It is located about 4 miles from the train station to Machu Picchu and the hotel can arrange transportation.

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Mapacho Craft Beer in Aguas Calientes – There are a number of highly rated restaurants and cafes in Aguas Calientes and Mapacho was highly recommended. They offer a large selection of beer and the pizza and pulled pork were very good.

Cusco, Peru

Agustos Cuzco Hotel – Av. Hipólito Unanue #155 Distrito Wanchaq, Cusco, Cusco-Perú

An older hotel rated at 3.5 stars but a 40 minute walk to the historic Plaza de Armas. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the staff was friendly and helpful. The room rate included a light buffet breakfast.

Mistura Grill, Cusco – located on the west side of Plaza de Armas

We had a number of meals around the Plaza de Armas and Mistura was the best we tried. Located on a second floor with great views of the square, they feature a traditional Peruvian menu with moderate prices.

Amazon Rain Forest, Ecuador

Amazona Suchipakari Lodge – located 200 miles across the Andes from Quito. The Jungle and Adventure Tours are provided by naturalist guides into the Amazon Rainforest. The rooms are comfortable but a bit primitive with no air conditioning. Meals are included with a light buffet breakfast but other meals offer little choices in selection.

Quito, Ecuador

Quito Mercure Alameda – Also part of the Accor Hotels family that allows you to accumulate Accor reward points if you are a member. This was a nice hotel rated at 4 stars and for no reason we were upgraded to a suite for our stay. The room was very comfortable, the staff was friendly and helpful and the room rate included a light buffet breakfast. The hotels restaurant was very good and on weekends featured a nice buffet dinner.

The location was good being in the upscale La Mariscal area and was only 3 blocks from the Artisan Market with a large popular park only a few blocks farther.

Miskay, Quito – Rated one of the better restaurants in Quito it was only 5 or 6 blocks from the hotel in Plaza Foch, one of the more cosmopolitan sectors of the Ecuadorian capital, in the heart of the neighborhood La Mariscal. Miskay offered a unique fusion like Ecuadorean based menu with a friendly and attentive staff.

San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador

Blue Bay Galapagos Planet Hotel – located only a few blocks from the airport but with only a few flights a day that wasn’t a problem. It is in town with only six or eight blocks to the waterfront. The hotel features a swimming pool and a breakfast room on the 4th floor (walkup) and air conditioners in each room. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the staff is friendly and helpful and the room rate included a light buffet breakfast.

Antonios – One of the more popular restaurants in town serves some excellent Italian food. Seating is inside and on an outdoor sidewalk across the street (try the seafood pizza).

The Post Office – This is one of San Cristobal’s newest restaurants and is noted for the best sunset views from their patio. They offer a wide range of beers and if you are a beer drinker don’t pass up the beer flight at a really good price. Like much of San Cristobal the emphasis is on seafood but with modern flair. Don’t be surprised if a sea lion shuffles past your table.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

River Garden Hotel And Suites – located in the central business district across the street from Malecón 2000. The modern room featured a king bed, desk and a private bathroom. The hotel has a friendly and attentive staff with great views of the city from the top floor. It features an open air rooftop pool and hot tub along with a bar and an excellent formal restaurant offering incredible views. Plan dinner around sunset! Included with the room that was under $100 a night was a buffet breakfast offering made-to-order omelets. The hotel restaurant located on the 12th floor was reasonably priced with excellent service and food.

Popular points of interest near the hotel include Saint Francis Church, iguana park, the Artisan Market Guayaquil and the Malecón 2000 with its Botanical Garden right across the street from the hotel.

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