Something Fishy At Facebook??


Something has happened with facebook and I’m looking for some feedback from other website owners.

The Background

I maintain several web sites and connect them to a number of social media sites. I’ve been using IFTTT for years to add autoposts to a number of social media pages. This particular travel site is my hobby and and while I started it to chronicle our world travels. It’s grown into something more. We also have several online stores ( that have changed hosts and styles over the years but use the same IFTTT process for auto posting to our social media sites.

What’s Happened

About a month ago I began to record an increase in traffic visiting several of my sites from my facebook pages. At first I was pleased at what was happening but one afternoon I spent time reviewing one stores facebook page. I simply scrolled down the page looking at postings and making notes but never clicked on a single post. I never clicked anywhere on that facebook page ( Later that day I checked the stores traffic and was shocked that there were 44 inbound links from the stores facebook page, and that was unusual for a day when I hadn’t added a post to the facebook page. In fact it was similar to holiday traffic when I was advertising with facebook??

I used the same process with my travel site and its facebook page – same result. I managed to chat online with a facebook representative who was very convincing that I had to be mistaken. As an additional check I repeated the process with a page and website dedicated to my odd musings ( I did that three days in a row with the same results.

If my experience isn’t unique than facebook is falsely ginning up its click traffic and its data cannot be trusted.

On the positive side I can use this approach to inflate my traffic (does Google etc. even track all this sort of traffic??

I would really like to know if anyone else is seeing this – add comments below please.

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