Charlotte Amalie Harbor St. Thomas

The photograph shows Charlotte Amalie harbor and Saint Thomas from Yacht Haven marina. I’ve been coming to St. Thomas since the 1960’s (Navy) and have listened to the Mamas And Popas play at Lion in the Sun when they weren’t waiting tables. We used to hang out at the bar at Morning Star Beach Club and we would snorkel out to Frenchman’s Reef. I read John Updikes story in The New Yorker In A Bar In Charlotte Amalie while sitting in that bar (The Green House) where they had a lot of copies. I did photography and design work for Yacht Haven when they had one dock and a ships chandlery. Today it is Yacht Haven Grande and caters to mega-yachts and offers some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Charlotte Amalie. Oh how things change…

Join us as we visit historic treasures, natural wonders and vibrant cities set against backdrops that are endlessly changing and visually magnificent.


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