Juneau Alaska And A Fish Hatchery

It is the most popular fish on American menus and one of the most farmed fish in the world next to tilapia. Everyone’s familiar with the scenes of salmon running up streams and jumping waterfalls to return to the place they hatched in order to spawn. Though it varies among the five species of PacificContinue reading “Juneau Alaska And A Fish Hatchery”

Sitting On A Dock At Sunset Eating Seafood

A Short Story with a Few reviews We’ve lived in Florida for over 4o years and I love this state. I spent much of my life either on the sea or under it and if you’re a water person there’s no better place to be. Beaches, coral reefs, lobsters and for years our favorite getawayContinue reading “Sitting On A Dock At Sunset Eating Seafood”

Budapest And The 1956 Holiday

A Time When Hungary Remembers The Revolt From 2018 – but even more relevant today. It’s October 23rd and we are in Budapest sitting in a restaurant*. A young couple come in and sit at the table next to us. The young lady is in her twenties, attractive and is speaking Hungarian to the waitressContinue reading “Budapest And The 1956 Holiday”