Rome to Civitavecchia (Part II)

Getting from Rome to the Cruise Port A couple of times we have stayed in Rome to do some sightseeing before taking a cruise. We stayed at the Augusta Lucilla Palace Hotel just a few blocks from the Termini. Within an easy walk there are a few nice local restaurants and wine bars that offered goodContinue reading “Rome to Civitavecchia (Part II)”

Impressions On Visiting Venice

A poem about seeing the world by Herbert Nehrlich ends “With any luck I shall be longer than expected and then, before you call me home there still is Venice, and after that?” The saying is “See Venice and die” meaning that after such a peak experience, there’s nothing left to do but die. Maybe we wouldn’tContinue reading “Impressions On Visiting Venice”

Best Pizza in Civitavecchia

Please Note: In September of 2019 we spent some time again in Civitavecchia and discovered that the Pizzeria Margherita Di Gandolfi Cristian has closed and the space is being remodeled for another business. Click HERE for a good alternative if you are looking for pizza and it is only a block away. Civitavecchia is actuallyContinue reading “Best Pizza in Civitavecchia”