Laundry: A Problem With a Solution

Traveling Tips A Travelon Inflatable Hanger and Woolite Travel Packets Having enough clean clothes while traveling can be a problem. If you’re on a ship, laundry services can be pretty costly although “frequent cruisers” on some lines get free or reduced pricing on a limited amount of laundry. If you’re traveling on your own, youContinue reading “Laundry: A Problem With a Solution”

Duty Free Exemptions

How much can I bring back to the U.S. duty-free?  There is a lot of confusion about bringing back purchases from foreign countries duty free, especially liquor and tobacco, how much and from where. The following is from the web site of U.S. Customs: Duty-Free Exemption The duty-free exemption, also called the personal exemption, isContinue reading “Duty Free Exemptions”