Pickpockets and Purse Snatchers Oh My!

Getting pickpocketed is a terrible thing. If you travel often, the chances are that it’s going to happen. Even if you don’t travel it can happen. If you take precautions and stay alert the risk is greatly reduced but the fact is no one is immune. Some steps you can take to make you lessContinue reading “Pickpockets and Purse Snatchers Oh My!”


A Checklist For International Travel Travel Insurance ___ Check amounts and terms of international coverage on health insurance policy ___ Look into travel insurance. Health coverage, emergency transport and general travel insurance ___ Buy travel insurance on big risk areas and large cost items, such as flights and cruises. Make a Contact List ___ UpdateContinue reading “BEFORE YOU TRAVEL – Things To Do”

Using The Mobile Passport App (An Update)

Some time ago we did an article on the new Mobile Passport App. We were so excited about this new approach we immediately got ready to make use of it. At the time we published we had not actually used the app yet. Now it’s over a year latter and we have come through immigrationContinue reading “Using The Mobile Passport App (An Update)”

Traveling, Emergencies and Twitter

Twitter and the Traveler in Emergencies Lately a few things have happened that have caused us to be more concerned about how to deal with emergencies while traveling in foreign countries. Letting family and friends back home know we are okay is one of those concerns. Most people know Twitter as a social message sharingContinue reading “Traveling, Emergencies and Twitter”

A Mobile Friendly App To Display Instagram Posts

Why doesn’t Instagram provide for links to blog posts connected to our Instagram posts? Today a growing number of businesses use Instagram to promote their business but still there is only one direct link allowed on an Instagram account page? While we have a growing following on Instagram it has provided very little traffic toContinue reading “A Mobile Friendly App To Display Instagram Posts”

Money and Roads Less Traveled

Financial Considerations for When You Travel Internationally You’ve got your passport and your bags are packed, but are you ready financially to travel abroad? We’ve been to some pretty interesting places over the years but usually haven’t had issues with getting local currency or being able to use credit cards. While some time back ourContinue reading “Money and Roads Less Traveled”

River Cruising in Europe Part Two

A Cautionary Tale Part Two Note: See Part One Here Low & High Water We just got home from a European river cruise and it didn’t go as we had hoped. Sometimes the rivers experience high water conditions that prevent the long boats from passing under bridges. In our case, Europe has been suffering aContinue reading “River Cruising in Europe Part Two”

Travel Electronics (Update September 2018)

What We Travel With Technology changes rapidly and services that worked well or were inexpensive yesterday may not be available or work the same way today. Our travel electronics collection now includes a couple of small Macintosh Air laptops, an iPad, an Android tablet, two iPhones and a Blu phone, a compact digital camera andContinue reading “Travel Electronics (Update September 2018)”

The State Department Has Some Advice For You

Extra Protection While Traveling The United States State Department has a program to help you while you travel internationally. Travelers are urged to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security messages and make it easier to locate you in an emergency. The State Department uses security messages to convey information toContinue reading “The State Department Has Some Advice For You”

Travel, Credit Cards & Identity Theft

Credit Cards for International Travel These are interesting times we live in when it comes to financially protecting ourselves. Just the simple pastimes of shopping and travel can expose us to financial fraud and it does seem to be getting worse. A couple of years ago our son and a friend where cruising with isContinue reading “Travel, Credit Cards & Identity Theft”