Todays Featured Poster • Singapore

Singapore’s Statue Of The Merlion. Created to be the symbol of the city-state of Singapore it’s based a legend of a shipwrecked Malay prince who saw what he believed was a lion and named this island Singapura, sanskrit for Lion City. These giclée prints will soon be available in several sizes and styles, custom printedContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Singapore”

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Port of Call Singapore

The port city of Singapore is what the future will hopefully look like. A world-class city that is modern, clean, safe and easy to get around in. You will be amazed by this place and we cannot say too much about the people, who are friendly, courteous and seem to live life with a dedicationContinue reading “Port of Call Singapore”

Singapore – What To Expect In This Fantastic Port

Modern, amazing, friendly – Singapore features restaurants by some of the worlds best chefs, incredible entertainment, spectacular gardens and great shopping. This city blends a number of cultures into a unique culture all its own. Download, save or print our Singapore maps