Going on just a day trip or planning a major world tour, welcome to The Intentional Traveler. Our site is dedicated to all those who wander. So sit back and spend a moment or two exploring our twenty years of travels in The Intentional Traveler.

Our site is organized into three major sections;

  • The Intentional Traveler – Featuring destinations, sights and travel tips and a few reviews and stories from the road.
  • Cruise Life – With information on cruise ships, itineraries, ports of call and money saving tips. Some good advice for novice and experienced cruisers.
  • Disney World – Living near Disney World we’ve spent decades visiting and exploring “the happiest place on Earth” and we’d love to share our experiences with you.
  • Additional Sections – Beyond the major sections explore our content on Photography,

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Explore The Intentional Traveler

Over twenty years and eighty countries we’ve visited. some incredible National Parks, iconic cities, monuments and a world of wonders. Looking for travel inspiration? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Explore Cruise Life

Dreaming of a cruise? Browse our Cruise Life section featuring itineraries, cruise ship information, ports of call, things not to miss and advice on selecting staterooms, tours, saving money and much more. Welcome aboard!

More For Those Who Wander

From photography to travel gadgets, staying safe on the road and ideas on saving money, there’s a lot to more to The Intentional Traveler.

Tours, itineraries, ideas and a story or two from the Road

From exotic places to tropical resorts, the list is virtually endless and we’ve got some advice you might find worthwhile.

Magic Kingdom entrance

Where Do You Want To Go?

Remember, every journey begins with that single step. What are you waiting for?

William & Megan James

Get Inspired

The world is yours to explore

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