Salvage Dawgs In Roanoke

We’ve been big fans of the show Salvage Dawgs for years. It ran from 2012 for eight years on HGTV and as we planned a trip up the Blue Ridge Mountains a year ago we had to make Roanoke a stop for an afternoon at their store Black Dog Salvage.

For all those years the Salvage Dawgs were dedicated to removing and saving architectural elements from homes, historical properties, old hospitals, factories and mills. every show is a fast-paced and fun treasure hunt. Black Dog Salvage is the retail outlet in Roanoke where the team reclaim, reuse, and repurpose all that architectural salvage.

If you find yourself on a mountain drive in Virginia, be sure you add a stop at Black Dog Salvage but plan on a few hours as it’s hard to leave. Catch “Salvage Dawgs” on Magnolia Network, Discovery +, Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube TV!

Black Dog Salvage

902 13th St SW, Roanoke, VA 24016


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