The Foundations Of English America

The United States has always been a country strongly influenced by English culture and heritage. While early exploration and colonization of the New World was dominated by Spain, with major outposts established in the Caribbean and Florida, England wanted a foothold in this New World. In April 1606 King James I of England chartered TheContinue reading “The Foundations Of English America”

The Legend of RMS Titanic

Places Where The Legend Lives On… In the annals of travel there have been a number of great tragedies. The Hindenburg Disaster The air disaster at Tenerife The Vegas hotel fire The Tsunami at Ao Nang, Thailand Along with a number of ocean liner sinking disasters that include; The Lusitania The Andrea Doria The CostaContinue reading “The Legend of RMS Titanic”

The Danube River’s Iron Gates

Sailing Through The Iron Gates Going up the Danube River from the Black Sea the river passes through some of its most remarkable scenery. The Iron Gates of the Danube River refers to narrow gorges with high granite walls that divide Romania and Serbia. The term “Iron Gate” was first coined by The Times ofContinue reading “The Danube River’s Iron Gates”

Avignon, France

Avignon, a city with a remarkable history. Very few people, outside of Southern France or the historians at the Vatican know much about the French Papacy. You see the Papacy hasn’t always been in Rome but actually resided in Avignon for a time. The Avignon Papacy lasted from 1309 to 1376 during which seven successiveContinue reading “Avignon, France”

Melk Abby, Austria

Perhaps the grandest monastery in Austria, or central Europe is the magnificent Melk Abbey. The head Abbot, Berthold Dietmayr and the architects Jakob Prandtauer and Joseph Munggenast created this masterpiece from 1701 to 1736 upon the foundations of a much older medieval monastery. The centerpiece of the Abby is the library, with the main hallContinue reading “Melk Abby, Austria”

Budapest And The 1956 Holiday

A Time When Hungary Remembers The Revolt From 2018 – but even more relevant today. It’s October 23rd and we are in Budapest sitting in a restaurant*. A young couple come in and sit at the table next to us. The young lady is in her twenties, attractive and is speaking Hungarian to the waitressContinue reading “Budapest And The 1956 Holiday”

Port Of Call Costa Maya

Costa Maya, Mexico • The Making Of A Cruise Port The cruise industry, over the past three or four decades, has changed the world. Growing exponentially from a handful of ships to literally hundreds and thousands and along with that growth has come an ever expanding demand for ports of call. Large seaports, capable ofContinue reading “Port Of Call Costa Maya”

Love Locks A Pledge Of Love

Is It A Statement of Love or Vandalism? A SHORT STORY We weren’t aware of love locks before about a decade ago but recently as we travel we often come across collections of padlocks attached to bridges, fences and other public structures. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on by all theContinue reading “Love Locks A Pledge Of Love”

Cruise Port Halifax Nova Scotia

Halifax is the capital and largest municipality in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, and the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada. It was the first permanent European settlement in the region on the Halifax Peninsula and the town, establishment in 1749, was named after the 2nd Earl of Halifax. The port of Halifax is aContinue reading “Cruise Port Halifax Nova Scotia”

Florida History In Ocala

It’s unusual to come across an early nineteenth century stockade fort in the middle of a Florida town. Not something you expect outside of Disney World, but that’s what you’ll find in Ocala. It’s a historically accurate replica of Fort King on its original site. Designated a National Historic Landmark the site is being developedContinue reading “Florida History In Ocala”