Visiting Normandy & Remembering D-Day

  The Beaches of Normandy, France The¬†Normandy landings¬†were the¬†landing operations¬†and associated airborne operations of 6 June 1944. The Allied¬†invasion of Normandy¬†in¬†Operation Overlord¬†often referred to as¬†D-Day was the largest seaborne invasion in world history. The operation began the¬†liberation of France¬†along with western Europe. Should your travel plans bring you to the western coast of France orContinue reading “Visiting Normandy & Remembering D-Day”

Normandy: A Place for Reflection

Above: Cliff Tops at¬†Pointe du Hoc The Beaches of Normandy, France We visited Normandy for a day as a stop on an eastbound trans-Atlantic cruise in the spring. If you find yourself on a similar cruise you will be offered a number of tours including Paris and Normandy. Our choice was partly based on aContinue reading “Normandy: A Place for Reflection”