Visiting Normandy & Remembering D-Day

  The Beaches of Normandy, France The¬†Normandy landings¬†were the¬†landing operations¬†and associated airborne operations of 6 June 1944. The Allied¬†invasion of Normandy¬†in¬†Operation Overlord¬†often referred to as¬†D-Day was the largest seaborne invasion in world history. The operation began the¬†liberation of France¬†along with western Europe. Should your travel plans bring you to the western coast of France orContinue reading “Visiting Normandy & Remembering D-Day”

Memorial Day and Pointe du Hoc

June 6th 2019 the 75th Anniversary of D-Day A Day at Pointe du Hoc At 7:10 am on the morning of June 6th 1944 at a point of land where the rolling farmland of western France drops ninety feet down vertical cliffs to meet the sea, in the words of one Army Ranger ‚ÄúAll hellContinue reading “Memorial Day and Pointe du Hoc”

Normandy: A Place for Reflection

Above: Cliff Tops at¬†Pointe du Hoc The Beaches of Normandy, France We visited Normandy for a day as a stop on an eastbound trans-Atlantic cruise in the spring. If you find yourself on a similar cruise you will be offered a number of tours including Paris and Normandy. Our choice was partly based on aContinue reading “Normandy: A Place for Reflection”