Visiting The National Parks of Utah

Utah has a lot of amazing sights, wide open landscapes and incredible National Parks. You won’t be sorry planning a road trip across this state. Start in Salt Lake City go down and across Utah and end in Los Vegas. Nine Mile Canyon On our trip we headed South out of Salt Lake City inContinue reading “Visiting The National Parks of Utah”

Bryce Canyon National Park

As summer approaches maybe it’s time to explore America’s incredible national parks again. A great place to start would be the national and state parks of Utah. On any trip to the Parks of Utah one of the highlights has to be a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park. The park itself encompasses a flat,Continue reading “Bryce Canyon National Park”

The National Parks of Utah

After spending a week on an organized land tour in early June (Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, etc.), we picked up a rental car in Salt Lake City. With accommodations booked in Moab, Panguitch, Springdale and Los Vegas, Nevada we headed out taking US15 south from Salt Lake City and then picked up Route 6 toward Moab.Continue reading “The National Parks of Utah”