Searching For Kürtőskalács In Budapest – An Update 2022

Kürtőskalács In Budapest A Short Story Budapest is probably one of the World’s most underappreciated cities. In Europe we’ve spent time to Rome, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, Vienna, and more and we would put Budapest near the top of our list. It has incredible cityscapes and gardens and a walk along the Danube at nightContinue reading “Searching For Kürtőskalács In Budapest – An Update 2022”

Goulash, New York Cafe and Kürtőskalács

Eating In Budapest In planning for our recent trip to Budapest we went on the internet looking for food specialties and where to find them. Hungarian goulash was high on the list of course but once there I decided I prefer the lighter soup version of goulash. My wife discovered it was going to beContinue reading “Goulash, New York Cafe and Kürtőskalács”