Vietnam’s Port of Call Of Nha Trang

Nha Trang, Vietnams Beach Resort City Nha Trang is a major Vietnamese resort area famous for beautiful beaches and growing entertainment options. It is Vietnam’s most popular coastal town that has benefitted from its proximity to a number of great beaches. Directly across the water from downtown Nha Trang is Tre Island boasting an amusementContinue reading “Vietnam’s Port of Call Of Nha Trang”

Port of Call New Orleans

Cruise Port New Orleans, The Big Easy To begin with New Orleans is a destination virtually in a class by itself. The city is famous for its history having been settled first by French trappers in the seventeenth century, than ceded to the Spanish in 1762 by Treaty. Following a number of fires in theContinue reading “Port of Call New Orleans”

The Port of Dublin, Ireland

Port Location & Facilities – Large cruise ships currently are docking in an industrial port. It is about a mile and a half walk to get out of the port and to the edge of the city proper (3Arena). There is currently no cruise ship terminal, so ships will have to use boarding ramps. ForContinue reading “The Port of Dublin, Ireland”