Once Upon A Time In Quebec

A Short Story Ice Cream In Old Quebec On a spectacular Autumn day we spent hours walking around Old Quebec. It’s a beautiful city with winding streets and lots of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. The first thing that hits you is there are literally no signs in English. Dealing with local merchants took meContinue reading “Once Upon A Time In Quebec”

Cruise Port Quebec City

Old Quebec City is on a number of fall cruise itineraries. Starting in New York or Boston these cruises visit a number of New England and Canadian Maritime ports, go up the St. Lawrence Seaway, usually with fall leaves in full glory, and spend a day or two in Quebec City. The old city isContinue reading “Cruise Port Quebec City”

Graffiti Around the World

I am not sure why but my camera is drawn to record graffiti as we travel. Some of it is incredible street art while much is just a defacing of public and private property. I have developed some opinions about why some places are rank with graffiti while others are completely devoid of it. MyContinue reading “Graffiti Around the World”