Maybe Wireless Is The Solution

This is typical street wiring in Saigon, Vietnam (a few prefer to call it by its official name, Ho Chi Minh City) but you’ll see this sight throughout Southeast Asia. It also isn’t unusual to see two or three technicians hudled in front of a junction box with the door open and a similar tangleContinue reading “Maybe Wireless Is The Solution”

Three Tour Guides in Vietnam

While touring around Vietnam my wife and I had three different guides taking day trips. The thing that made the biggest impression on us was their expressed political philosophies and in one case the lack thereof. Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City In Vietnam the first thing that strikes us is the general attitude towardsContinue reading “Three Tour Guides in Vietnam”

Cruising Around Vietnam

Impressions from Vietnam Cruise itineraries in the South China Sea visit up to five ports in Vietnam. Phu My, the port for Ho Cho Min City (Saigon), Da Nang, Nah Trang and Hai Phong, the port nearest Hanoi. You’ll find the Vietnamese people are friendly and eager to welcome visitors. Shopping is inexpensive and easyContinue reading “Cruising Around Vietnam”

Port of Call Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, as it is officially called, is a sprawling city located on the delta of the Dong Nai River however even locals still call it by its original name, Saigon. With the rapid industrialization recently of Vietnam a number of port facilities have been built along the channels of the Dong NaiContinue reading “Port of Call Ho Chi Minh City”

A Vietnam Adventure, An Afternoon Shopping On Dong Khoi Street

A Short Story Spending a few days in Vietnam on two occasions recently, we spent time shopping on Dong Khoi Street in Saigon. (Officially, it’s Ho Chi Minh City, but even the residents still call it Saigon.) Vietnam is bargain hunter heaven, featuring a great exchange rate with the U.S. Dollar which are accepted virtuallyContinue reading “A Vietnam Adventure, An Afternoon Shopping On Dong Khoi Street”

Port of Ho Chi Minh City

Links To Additional Information What to expect on a cruise stop in Vietnam to visit Ho Chi Minh City. Where you dock, how to get around, money and attractions to see. When your cruise ship visits the port of Ho Chi Minh City see where you dock, transportation options, local money and attractions. Part ofContinue reading “Port of Ho Chi Minh City”


Above-The Japan Bridge, Hoi An. Impressions of Vietnam Our recent South China Sea cruise made four stops in Vietnam. Because we were back-to-back cruising,  Phu My, the port for Ho Cho Min City was duplicated. We took advantage of two ship’s tours and an independent trip into Saigon with bus service provided by the shipContinue reading “Vietnam”