Rome’s Trimani Enoteca, a Wine Bar

After a long day walking thru Rome and a late lunch on the Via Veneto finding a wine bar for happy hour would be just the place to unwind.

Trimani Enoteca

A good choice would be the highly rated Trimani Enoteca which genuinely deserves the praise it gets. Trimani has been a name in Rome for a very long time, with its founding family selling wine for over 175 years. It is one of the best known enotecas in Rome. It features wines from all over the world at remarkably fair prices.

The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable and the staff knowledgeable and friendly. Plan on spending a while over some good glasses of wine, maybe a generous cheese plate and a small bite or two off the menu.

Trimani Enoteca
Trimani Enoteca

Italian wine bars are called Enoteche, an Italian word derived from a Greek word which literally means “wine repository”. The word is used to describe a particular type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy and recently has spread to some other European countries.

Trimani Enoteca is located at via Goito 20, Rome, Italy not far from the Termini.

A genuine enoteca is intended to give locals, visitors and tourists the opportunity to taste wines at a reasonable price before buying the bottle. Regionally an enoteca is often run in collaboration with wineries and tourism organizations in an area. They were created as a source of information on local wines rather than as regular retail outlet.

There are a number of these wine bars in Rome with many serving snacks and light dishes. If you are not looking for a full meal these are good choices. Three additional ones that are highly rated in other neighborhoods in Rome are:

Enoteca Regionale Palatium

Located across the Tiber from the Vatican and south of Villa Borghese is Entoca Regionale Palatium. Highlighting regional quality is at the heart of this enoteca, located only steps from Piazza di Spagna. Because it’s a true regional enoteca it focuses on the wines and tastes of Lazio. All the best of local producers of both food and wine are showcased at Palatium, making it a must visit for every wine loving tourist spending time in Rome.

Enoteca Regionale Palatium via Frattina 94, Rome, Italy

Enoteca del Frate

Located in one of Rome’s Prati neighborhoods north of the Vatican, Enoteca del Frate is an historical wine bar and enoteca which is a meeting point for local and foreign wine lovers. With continuous efforts to bring only the very best to Roman customers at discounted prices, and with offers ranging from wine to liquors, this enoteca, along with the nearby wine bar, will have something for every palate and every occasion. On the menu there are a series of appetizers to accompany the wine as well as other more elaborate dishes for those who are seeking a great meal.

Enoteca del Frate via degli Scipioni 118-122, Rome, Italy

Advice On Tipping • Contrary to Roman custom it is expected to leave a tip at wine bars in Rome. Not sure how this began but normally people in Rome are not in the habit of tipping and it usually is not customary. In recent years, in Rome, more and more service people are expecting foreigners to leave a tip. The custom has always been that you don’t need to tip in Italy as you’re probably already paying a supplement through the servizio (service charge) on your restaurant bill and/or a coperto (cover charge), and sometimes both. At this point I am not sure what Fodor is saying but I would appreciate an thoughts on this?

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