Images And Icons Of Yellowstone

Photographic impressions from our travels…

Above: Grand Prismatic Springs.

Right: The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the lower Yellowstone Falls.

Mammoth Hot Springs one of the most unusual formations on Earth 

The Boiling River heated by large hot springs that pour into the Gardner River

Above: The Upper Geyser Basin at dusk near Old Faithful.

Out Of Service In Alaska

A rusting hulk of a steam engine sits alongside the tracks of the Yukon and White Pass Railroad in Skagway, Alaska. It once carried supplies and men into the Yukon looking for their fortunes in the Canadian gold fields. Abandoned almost 70 years ago it’s too heavy and too remote to salvage, so it just…

Coastal Alaska And Cruise Season

Looking out into Sitka Sound from the city of Sitka, Alaska you’ll usually find a number of cruise ships at anchor sending and visitors ashore. In the above image are a Silver Seas and a Hurtigruten Expeditions ship at anchor. Now with the opening of a new cruise ship pier just five miles out of…

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