Images From the Pubs of Dublin

Photographic impressions from our travels…

We’re not sure of anywhere else on Earth where pubs are celebrated more than in Dublin. Irish pubs are an expression of the very soul of Ireland.

Home and family may be the foundation of civilization, but to become a real society you have to have a pub.

It’s mandatory on any visit to Dublin to spend some of your time in a pub. Pubs are Ireland and a cornerstone of Irish society.

Going To Machu Picchu

How To Get To Machu Picchu, Peru One of the Wonders of the World and growing in interest year after year it’s currently estimated that over 70% of tourists visiting Peru are bound for Machu Picchu. Getting to the Inca citadel isn’t like a usual excursion but actually unfolds in a number of steps that…

Strolling Through The Jungle

We’re not big on guided tours for a number of reasons, but we were invited to join some friends on a South American packaged tour* that seemed a good value. It included a number of destinations that we were interested in and maybe one or two we would have never considered. One of those was…

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