Europe Photo Gallery

Images Of Iceland – Stark, Breathtaking, Wild

Photographic impressions from our travels…

Iceland sits squarely on a rift in the Earth’s crust. In the middle of the island the rift is exposed and as it pulls apart it actually creates new land.

Because of Icelands location on the rift in the Earth’s crust it has a number of thermal fields with erupting geysers, warm springs and ponds and the ever present possibility of volcanic eruptions.

Iceland is a place of stark beauty with snow covered mountains, thermal fields with erupting geysers and moving water everywhere.

Kusadasi, Turkey • A Port Of Call

Kusadasi is a beach resort town and a favorite cruise ship destination. It is only 12 miles from the port to the ancient city of Ephesus, one of the areas major attractions. Kusadasi is considered one of the most important destination cities in the Aegean because of its important historical sites that include Ephesus and […]

Ketchikan, Port of Call Alaska

By 1936 there were seven canneries working, producing almost two million cases of salmon a season. The need for lumber fostered the Ketchikan Spruce Mills built in 1903, which operated for over 70 years. The lumber industry collapsed when the Clinton administration moved to reduce timber cutting in Alaska by having the U.S. Forest service […]

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