See The USA • An American Bucket List

With current news making people reluctant to travel internationally it’s good to know that America has a lot to offer those with a desire to travel… Want a copy of this article to save or print? Download your copy below. Still traveling and still adding ideas to our American bucket list recommendations. New ideas comingContinue reading “See The USA • An American Bucket List”

What Makes Some Great Cities So Appealing?

This is part two from “Must Visit Cities”. Thinking about our choices of favorite cities we noticed a few things they seemed to have in common and it surprised even us. Maybe you’ll figure out what they are? Great cities make you feel welcome and leaves you wanting to be there. The first thing thatContinue reading “What Makes Some Great Cities So Appealing?”

The Worlds Ten “Must Visit” Cities

The world is full of great cities, think Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Rio, and everyone has their own favorites. While we’ve visited a couple of hundred we do have some real favorites and we’re still exploring with, hopefully, a long way to go still. I’m not real sure what makes a city so appealing but IContinue reading “The Worlds Ten “Must Visit” Cities”

Get Out There – Even Farther Out There

There once was a time when vacations were two weeks at the beach or mountains and an ultimate trip was a whirlwind tour of Europe. Those were our parents holidays, now experienced travelers are looking for longer and more exotic adventures and travel companies are eager to help. Use the links below to visit someContinue reading “Get Out There – Even Farther Out There”

Exploring Places Where The World Goes Shopping

A common sight around the world are still food halls, street markets and open-air markets. From France to Italy, Thailand to Budapest, almost everywhere you travel you will find people celebrating food in all its variety by shopping these small, specialized merchants in outdoor markets and city food halls.

Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide – Kangaroos, Koalas and Emus Oh My…

Cleland In The News: Cleland Wildlife Park has pitched in to rescue animals from the recent horrific wildfires. More koalas have been translocated from bushfire-ravaged Kangaroo Island and will be housed at Cleland Wildlife Park to add to the recently established disease-free insurance population. The translocation was carried out by Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and ClelandContinue reading “Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide – Kangaroos, Koalas and Emus Oh My…”

Little Pieces of History In Florida and Georgia

The Small Museums of Florida and Georgia There was a time when small roadside attractions where the highlight of family road-trips. While they have been overshadowed by the mega-parks and major resorts, there are still a number of roadside gems that should be sought out – little pieces of history encased in small museums. IfContinue reading “Little Pieces of History In Florida and Georgia”

Table of Contents

Destinations North America Georgia  Georgia Wine Drive Savannah, GA Florida Cedar Key, Florida LegoLand, Florida Florida Keys an Introduction Pt. 1 The Keys & Key West Pt. 2 Florida Keys Pt. 3 Florida Keys Pt. 4 Blue Springs, Florida and Manatees Orlando Birds of Prey Winter Garden Animal Kingdom Lodge WDW Florida’s Fossil Reef NorthContinue reading “Table of Contents”