A Movable Feast • Cruise Life

Food And Cruising From the beginning of the great steamship era to todays amazing floating resorts, one thing that has remained a major part of cruising is great food. Today most cruise ships typically offer a main dining room and some more than one, along with a buffet style venue serving breakfast, lunch and dinnerContinue reading “A Movable Feast • Cruise Life”

The Truth About Cruise Pricing

Everything You Need To Know About Cruise Pricing Anyone who travels much and has, on occasion, requested information from the internet or given their email address to a travel company knows about those ads in their inbox. Dozens of them claim things like: The First Truth – Those above statements are all a lie orContinue reading “The Truth About Cruise Pricing”

Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling

There are all kinds of aliens out there. Alien hotel rooms, alien electric receptacles. It’s terrible being lost and disoriented in a strange hotel room or cruise cabin in the dark of night. It’s interesting to note that night lights aren’t a common part of American hotel rooms and traveling overseas – forget it. InContinue reading “Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling”

Visiting Dublin’s Gardens

It’s known as “The Emerald Isle” and it’s hard to deny that Ireland with its rolling hills and gardens isn’t living up to the name. This island has been called “The Emerald Isle” for well over two hundred years and the first time the words Emerald Isle appeared in print was in a poem byContinue reading “Visiting Dublin’s Gardens”

Todays Featured Poster • Alaska Cruising

Some of the most popular cruise itineraries are in Alaska and it’s no wonder. Coastal Alaska offers some of the worlds most amazing landscapes. These giclée prints will soon be available in several sizes and styles, custom printed for each individual order on archival, museum grade paper using fade resistant inks. Join us as weContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Alaska Cruising”

Thailand – 2 Days in Bangkok

Not long ago we spent two days in Bangkok earlier this year as part of a month cruising around the South China Sea and those two days were the highlight of the trip. Visiting Bangkok is an exciting experience. The culture is rich and peaceful, the food is plentiful and diverse and there are manyContinue reading “Thailand – 2 Days in Bangkok”