The Shetland’s Port of Lerwick

Port of call Lerwick in the Shetland Islands has been a crossroads for Vikings, Scottish lords and modern day fishing fleets. Many historic sites and a large puffin population. The Shetland Islands, formerly Zetland, are a subarctic island group in the Northern Isles of Scotland, situated in the Northern Atlantic, between Great Britain, the FaroeContinue reading “The Shetland’s Port of Lerwick”

The Port of Lerwick in the Shetlands

Located in the North Sea one hundred fifty miles north of Scotland, Lerwick, the major town in the archipelago is the major Shetland port. Getting Ashore -Cruise ships will normally anchor out and use tenders to reach shore. The tenders will dock right in the center of this picturesque town with its narrow streets andContinue reading “The Port of Lerwick in the Shetlands”

The Shetland’s Lerwick, Where Time Stands Still

Located in the North Sea one hundred fifty miles north of Scotland is the Shetland Islands where modern opportunities and history meet. Most buildings in Lerwick, the major town in the archipelago, are made of local stone and have the appearance of being from a different era. Narrow alleys and streets don’t appear to haveContinue reading “The Shetland’s Lerwick, Where Time Stands Still”