Alaska’s Icy Straight Point Port of Call

General – This is a nature port on Chichagof Island which opened in 2004 and is only open when cruise ships are in. It was developed by the Native Tlingits and celebrates their culture. It is the ideal location for viewing wildlife and sea life. Hoonah, the only town on the island is described as the largest Tlingit Village in the state.

The Cannery Complex

Where You’re docked – Depending on tides and number of ships, cruise ships either dock or tender (sometimes both). In either case, arrival is near the adventure center which is the starting point for land tours. Going in the other direction, the boardwalk takes you to the old cannery complex which now houses a museum, local shops, restaurants and a display of the original cannery operation. The Fish House is also located in this area and it is the starting point for marine tours.

Transportation – There are very limited car rentals or taxi service. A sightseeing trolley is sometimes operational. If you plan to do more then a walking exploration, it is probably best to book a tour.

Icy Straight Point

Money – The US dollar is used here

Nearby Trips:

The largest and highest zipline in North America is located at ISP. It runs 5330 feet and includes a 1300 foot vertical drop.

Hoonah Village is a short ride from where you come ashore. If a trolley is running it will be one of the stops. It is a very small community with only a few shops and restaurants.

The nature trail provides an opportunity to see native plants and possibly brown bears, bald eagles and the Sitka black tailed deer. If the weather is wet, trails can be very muddy so hiking boots are recommended.

Humpback Whale at Icy Straight Point

Porpoises and whales have been sighted from shore and anchored ships and several tours visit the Point Adolphus area, a prime location for whale watching.

  • NOTE: Cruise ships do not dock near town but dock right next to the Adventure Center which is the major attraction at this port.

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